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What Is Celluma?

Celluma® is a multi-award-winning LED light therapy device that utilizes technology developed by NASA, known as photobiostimulation. Photobiostimulation, or low-level light therapy, is the application of light energy to the body for therapeutic benefits, creating a natural reaction in the body similar to that of photosynthesis in plants. Celluma® light therapy provides compromised cells with the energy needed to restore and regain their vitality, naturally. This boost in cellular energy results in a cascade effect that leads to increased micro-circulation and tissue repair, and decreased inflammation, pain, and redness.

This non-invasive, effective, and quick treatment is ideal for anyone looking to improve their skin health and overall wellness, reduce inflammation and pain, and aid in restoring their hair naturally. Celluma® can be used as a stand-alone treatment or added to most face and body treatments and is safe enough for those 12 and up, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, and even our pets!

LED light therapy

Celluma® Is FDA Cleared to Treat:

  • Diminished local blood circulation
  • Inflammatory acne vulgaris
  • Muscle and joint pain and stiffness
  • Muscle tissue tension
  • Muscle spasm
  • Hair restoration
  • Wrinkles
  • Arthritis
  • Increases micro-circulation
  • Decreases inflammation

Celluma® Hair Restoration

Low-level light therapy is a proven effective, non-invasive, and safe treatment for those experiencing hair loss. Celluma® red LED light therapy devices have been FDA cleared for the treatment of male and female pattern hair loss by helping to increase hair follicle size and preventing the end of the active growth cycle of the hair.

When used 2-3 times per week, results can begin to show in as little as 4 weeks, with best results after approximately 16 weeks. No downtime, no pre or post care, no restrictions after treatment, and no “maintenance” needed once desired results are achieved. Perfect to combine with PRP Hair Restoration for improved effectiveness.

Celluma® Acne Treatment

Celluma® blue/red LED light therapy is a proven acne treatment for those that have tried numerous acne treatments, with little to no results. The blue LED light works by killing acne-causing bacteria, not only superficially, but also deep beneath the skin’s surface, treating active acne and preventing future breakouts.

The red LED light serves as an anti-inflammatory and healing treatment, reducing overall redness and irritation. When the blue and red LED light therapy are used in combination with one another, there is a vast improvement in the effectiveness of the light treatment, combating multiple issues at once. Quick 30-minute treatment that can be added to any face or body service with no downtime or post care.

Celluma® Facial Treatment

Celluma® light therapy can be used with most facial and body services to enhance the benefits of your treatment and prevent any swelling or redness that may occur. Ideal for use on treatments such as dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, microneedling, or to boost the effects from any facial or peel.

Effective, non-invasive treatment for those suffering from an array of skin issues such as acne, fine lines and wrinkles, rosacea, pigmentation, inflammation, and uneven tone/texture. Celluma® light therapy is the perfect quick treatment to enhance your next facial or body service and is safe for anyone 12 and up, as well as pregnant and nursing mothers, with no downtime and no post care needed.


Celluma® Anti-Aging Treatment

Celluma® LED red light therapy is used to combat the signs of aging and environmental damage to the skin, resulting in firmer, more even skin tone and texture, and ultimately a more youthful appearance. By boosting cellular energy, this light therapy device stimulates the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production, increases the production of multiple growth factors, and prevents the death of skin cells.

Non-invasive and safe enough that pregnant and breastfeeding mothers can use it! Celluma® can be used as a stand-alone anti-aging face or body treatment or can be used in conjunction with other anti-aging treatments for optimal results!

Celluma® Injectables

Celluma® LED red light therapy is used for accelerated wound healing, decreased visible bruising, and decreased redness and inflammation, making it the optimal choice to add to your cosmetic injectable treatment. A quick 30-minute treatment can immediately reduce redness and inflammation experienced with your treatment, making it easier to return to work or home without the signs of being treated, with no downtime or post care required.


Final Thoughts

It is important to note that Celluma® Light Therapy is suitable for most skin types and anyone can benefit from it. Even the most sensitive skin tolerates the treatment. Therefore, if you have specific needs for your skin condition, our medical specialist at ProHealth Solutions will always examine and customize the right treatment that suits your skin.

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